For over forty years, (since 1974), Roger Smets has served as a full-time Foursquare evangelist, ministering in many districts in the United States as well as in Canada and other parts of the world. He and his wife, Gwen, serve as a ministry team. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, Roger prophetically ministers words of hope, healing and deliverance to individuals. While Gwen provides a beautiful backdrop of ministry from the piano. Recognizing God’s call to be a “bearer of Good News”, Roger has committed to memory hundreds of Scripture promises which he speaks with a prophetic anointing. His focus has been to encourage, refresh and challenge many with a “Word from the Lord”. His inspirational preaching is firmly anchored in the Word of God. Because of his faithfulness to God’s call, he is being used in public ministry among 5 other major denominations. as well as serving in ministry relationship with many Foursquare churches on a recurring annual basis.

Roger has also been a special speaker for conventions, pastor conferences and camp meetings in the United States and Canada. He has ministered overseas as well, conducting open-air evangelistic crusades. Roger is a graduate from Biola University as well as L.I.F.E. Bible College. Gwen is a Canadian, originally from Vancouver, B.C. They serve as International Foursquare Evangelists and base their ministry in Bonsall, California. For 21 years of public ministry, former Pastor and L.I.F.E. Bible College professor, the late Dr. Paul Hackett served as a key advisor and director for their ministry until he passed away in 1995. Over the course of their ministry, the Smets’ have served under the covering of 5 Foursquare Supervisors, the late Dr. Roy Hicks Sr., the late Dr. Roy Hicks Jr., the late Dr. Fred Wymore, Dr. Cliff Hanes, the late Dr. Tom Ferguson and currently serve under the direct pastoral covering of┬áDr. Roger Friend, Senior pastor of Vista Christian Fellowship Foursquare Church.