Letters of Recommendation from The late Tom Ferguson, Larry Briney, Tim Oisowy, and Larry Spousta..

From: The late Dr. Tom Ferguson

Dear Fellow Servant of Christ,

This is a letter of endorsement for Roger Smets. Roger and I have known each other for some thirty years and have become good friends during that time.

Roger moves in a very anointed way, listening to the Holy Spirit as he gives prophetic words to people. I have seen many people begin to cry as he touches them with words from the Lord. Each time Roger and his wife, Gwen, minister in our church people are strengthened and encouraged through the words he as spoken. He has a gifting that people want to receive. The last time he visited us, 3 morning services were not enough time to touch everyone. We offered a fourth service in the evening and many, many people returned to hear what God might have for them.

Roger is the real thing. He is a man of great depth and integrity and a man that I trust. When you invited Roger to minister in your church, be sure to allow time for him to move in the area of giving verses. You and your church will be blessed.

In His Strong Name,

The late Dr. Tom Ferguson
Former Senior Pastor of Hope Foursquare Church, Snohomish, WA
Former Northwest District Supervisor
Former Personal Pastor, Overseer and Spiritual Advisor


From: Pastor Larry Briney

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to recommend the ministry of Roger and Gwen Smets. I have known this couple so long that they have become a part of my life. In the second year of their ministry they came to Faith Center in Eureka, California for a meeting. I was stirred by the Spirit to invite them to make Eureka their home, and our church received them with open arms. We began what we believed was a scriptural relationship between an evangelist (which Roger is in the best sense of the word), and a local congregation. This couple was submitted to the leadership of the church.

For the next twelve years we enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship and much fruit resulted. Roger’s ministry was always well received by the church and enhanced my own ministry by adding a dimension that I could not provide. Gwen’s special gift at the piano compliments the ministry of her husband and was very important to the congregation of Faith Center.

I pastored the Eureka Foursquare Church for twenty-five years and the best of those years were shared with the Smets. As the years have passed, we have continued our fellowship with Roger and Gwen. They are loved by us and the many congregations that they recurringly serve throughout the country.

Roger’s integrity and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit have been tested and proven in the crucible of experience and he has emerged as a man of God whom I respect.


Rev. Larry Briney
Former Senior Pastor of Faith Center Foursquare Church, Eureka, CA
Author of “Daily Grace for the Daily Grind” and sequel, “More Daily Grace for the Daily Grind”.


From: Pastor Tim Oisowy

Dear Pastor,

Greetings in Christ!

This note is to recommend to you Foursquare Evangelist, Roger Smets. Roger and his wife, Gwen, have served our congregation a number of times and have been well received by our people. I believe you will find his ministry to be a great inspiration. This ministry comes with a real sense of encouragement, as he has a unique way of flowing in the scriptures, prophetically speaking Bible promises to individuals, as well as bringing a very balanced preaching ministry in the Word.

In His service,

Rev. Tim Oisowy
Senior Pastor of Gateway Christian Ministries, Prince George, B.C., Canada


From: Rev. Larry Spousta

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to recommend Roger Smets Evangelistic Ministries as a valuable resource to your local ministry. Roger and his wife, Gwen are in every sense functioning in what I believe to be the New Testament ministry of an evangelist. Their heart’s burden is to help the local church to be better equipped to fulfill its calling to the world.

The Smets’ ministry seems to have three strong thrusts; worship, the Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Roger and Gwen flow beautifully in worship and Roger is an excellent communicator of the Word. The uniqueness of his ministry however lies in his gifted application of the Word of God to individuals. By the direction of the Holy Spirit, Roger has committed to memory many of the promises of God’s Word. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit he then ministers these promises to individuals that desperately need a “Word from the Lord”. Such has been and continues to be, a great edification of the body of Christ everywhere Roger and Gwen serve throughout the nation. I highly recommend them to you and your congregation.

Rev. Larry Spousta
District 1 Supervisor of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, over Oregon & Alaska.
Former Midwest District Supervisor of Foursquare Churches.