Keeping It Real

by Larry White

Keeping it real! People can connect moe easily with people who are real, nothing fake. As Christians, one of the greatest challengers we face is the challenge of being real. Everywhere we go, on the job, in the hallways at school, and sadly, even in the pews of our churches, today’s culture encourages us to wear masks.

We all wear masks at different times in our lives. There are several that I have identified and worn during different seasons in my life. For example, there is the well-known and widely accepted: everything is cool in my life mask. I like to call this one “The Smiley Face” mask. This is the mask many of us wear to church on Sunday morning, and smile while acting as though everything is OK, when in reality our world is falling apart around us. Whatever pet names you use to identfy these spiritual maskes, one thing is true: hiding behind masks hinders believers from revealing who they truly are to a reality seeking world.

You may or may not have noticed, but in recent years there has been a considerable increase in popularity in reality shows on network TV. Have you wondered why? It is because people want to be part of something real. People aren’t interested in fake any more, they want real. Shows like “Joe Millionarie”, “Fear Factor”, “American Idol” are a hit because people are searching for things that are real in a very surreal world.

In the same way, people are looking for spiritual things that are real and authentic. People are looking for a relationship with their Creator that is real, nothing fake! I believe that we as God’s Church must take off our masks, get real with God and people so that we can be a shinning example of Reality Based Christianity in the 21st Century.

Larry White is Senior Pastor of Horizon Church in Victorville, CA, a Foursquare church planted by Larry and his wife, Kelly, in January, 2003. Already it has become a strong and growing congregation in Southern California’s high desert. As personal friends for more than 20 years, we have the annual privilege of ministry with the Whites at Horizon.

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