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September 17th, 2012

This special series on “Pursuing God” will unleash your desire to know the “Will of God”, the “Ways of God” and the “Word” of God”. It is a series that will captivate your heart to pursue God and all of His fulness at an unprecedented level in your life. The key underlying message of this three-part teaching is that “Pursuing God” is not an “event”, but rather a lifestyle for all who choose to embrace it. Knowing God’s Will, Ways and Word will become a deep-rooted passion in your soul that will never leave you, but that will drive you to know and pursue Him more.

#30 –PURSING GOD (3 CD Set)
1) Knowing His Will
2) Knowing His Ways
3) Knowing His Word

Pursuing God
Released 2012
Price: $15


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