Being Fitly Joined Together

The Bible says that we have all been “fitly joined together…edifying each other in love”. (Rom. 4:16a)  As we minster all over the United States and Canada, we see the how the Lord has “fitly joined” us together with many different churches and congregations.  As one of the gifts described in Ephesians 4:11,  we as “evangelists” see ourselves as  ”bearers of Good News” to many in and outside of the body of Christ.  If you know Jesus, God has “fitly joined” you too, along side other believers who love God and who can help build you up in the faith.  While we all are different in personalities, manners and ways, God has placed us together as one body strengthened by our common faith in Christ. 

This weekendwe will be minstering at the “Life Foursquare Church” in Yreka, CA.  Pray for us as we minister to this growing congregation.

PRAYER OPPORTUNITY: If you have a prayer need, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will pray for you and declare God’s promises in your behalf.  God has called us to “bear one another’s burden”, praying together in faith believing. (Gal. 6:2)  Just click on “Contact” above.

Hope! An Anchor for your Soul


I am preaching this weekend in Sequim WA at “Kingsway Foursquare Chuch”.  I will be speaking on the subject, “Hope! – An Anchor for your Soul!  The Bible says that the hope that we have is an anchor for your soul, both steadfast and sure. (He. 6:19)  It is a hope that will keep you through the most difficult of times.  The reason God gave us an anchor for our soul is because our soul needs an anchor.  It is in our soul where we get discouraged and wonder if we’re going to make it.  It is in our soul that we feel like giving up and don’t feel we have the strength to go on.  Since the hope that we have is “as an anchor”  we will discover its holding and keeping power. When we feel we are bing tossed and turned on every side we can rest in the hope that we have in God’s Word and in Jesus our Lord.

Thank you for praying about this upcoming weekend of ministry in Sequim, WA, as I challenge many to anchor their faith in Christ .

Upcoming Special Meetings in Victorville, CA

This Sunday, we begin a series of special meetings in Victorville, CA at Horizon Church.  I will be speaking on “The Power of the Spoken Word”.    Job 22:26 says “that when you speak a thing, that thing is established in you”.  We are praying the the promise of God’s Word will be established as we declare with our lips the empowering Word of God.  Psalm 107″20 says, “He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them…”

If you have a personal need and would like us to agree with you for an encouraging Word of promise for your situation, just contact us through this web-site and we will pray for you by name, declaring a promise for you!

This Week – Yakima, WA & Next Week – Victorville, CA

We just finished a four day series of meetings in Campbell River, B.C. Canada.  We conducted five services, preaching on the theme, “Hope, an Anchor for the Soul”.  Each night we prophetically ministered Scripture promises to many individually who so desperately needed “a word from the Lord”. 

This week, we leave Canada to go to Yakima, WA where we will be conducting special meetings at Open Bible Christian Center with Pastor Mike Lyon.  We are trusting God for a great move of His spirit.

Next week we begin a series of meetings in Victorville, CA at Horizon Foursquare Church, Pastor Larry White.  Pray  for God to give us His strength as we are only home in Redding, CA for a few days before leaving again for our next ministry assignment.

Special Meetings in Campbell River, B.C., Canada

Greetings!  This week are ministering nightly at Christian Life Fellowship in Campbell River, B.C., Canada.  In our first of five services five adults came forward at the close of the service to trust in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  What a blessing it was to hear each of them confirm their decision to turn from sin and turn to Christ as their Redeemer.  Praise God!

In each of these meetings I am speaking on the subject, “Hope, an Anchor for Your Soul”.  Many people, due to the hardships of life have little or no faith to press on.  As a result of these meetings, many are renewing their hope in Christ, knowing that He is our Hope, a hope that brings freedom from past failures and defeats and the promise of God’s unwavering Word and divine presence in the future. 

At such a time as this, may God help us all to anchor our hope in Christ as our only Rock and in His Word as our only resource of unwavering Truth.

Evangelist Roger Smets

Gwen’s Gems

We have an awe-inspiring God. “August” isn’t just a month, although it’s a special month because it’s my birthday month, but it’s also an adjective used to show reverence or admiration. It’s always a good time to think on the majesty and grandeur of our great God. He is our Lord, our Savior, our Shepherd, our Healer, our Provider, our Peace…and many other attributes. Remember this month, and always, to “think on these things”, think on our great God, think on whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable; think on Him. (Phil. 4:8)


Great news! No Heart Damage!

As many of you know, two months ago I had a heart attack.  One of the main arteries to my heart was 100% bocked.  A few days ago I returned to the doctor and had a stress test, a nucular test, and a echocardiogram (or sonar) test. After reviewing the results, my cardiologist said that all three tests confirmed the same result, that I had NO PERMANENT DAMAGE as a result of the heart attack.  I praise God for sparing my life from what very easily could have been a fatal attack.

I have had a full recovery now and as per my doctor’s release, have resumed all scheduled ministry engagements and necessary traveling.  As a result of this experience,  I realize now that every day is a gift, the gift of another opportunity to preach the Gospel and touch lives in Jesus’ name.

This coming week we begin a four day series of meetings at Christian Life Fellowship in Campbell River, B.C.,Canada and are expecting a great time of ministry as I preach the Word of God with His power and authority.  My ministry theme will be “Hope, An Anchor for your Soul”.  Pray for people to be saved, encouraged and strengthened in the hope that we have in Christ and His living Word.  Thank you for praying for us and these meetings August 8-11, 2010“He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them…” (Ps. 107:20)

Evangelist Roger Smets

A Great Day of Ministry in Mission Hills, CA

A GREAT DAY OF MINISTRY IN MISSION HILLS, CA  We Praise God for a great day of ministry at Mission Hills, CA where where we served at Living Stone Christian Fellowship with Pastor Tim Vercellono.  Prior to the meetings on Sunday, the church orchestrated a 24 hour prayer vigil with people praying at the church around the clock.  As a result, it was a powerful day of Worship and preaching of the Word of God.

As Pastor Tim led the worship, a prophetic “Song of the Lord” came upon him with power and divine authority.  I experienced the same prophetic annointing as I preached the Gospel.  At the close of my message 5 adults came forward to acknowledge their decision to trust in Christ as personal Savior and Lord. Praise God!

NEXT SUNDAY on August 1st I am preaching in Santa Monica, CA at The Lighthouse.  Pray for another opportunity for Jesus to be exalted and for the Word of God to be declared with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for praying for these upcoming services in Santa Monica, on this Sunday AM & PM.

Evangelist Roger Smets

Redlands, CA Meetings

REDLANDS, CA MEETINGS:  We just returned home from a great weekend of meetings at New Life Chapel in Redlands, CA with Pastor Dennis Evangelisto.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to give a personal prophetic word of encouragement to many.  I praise God for the power of His Word that “will not return void”. (Is 55:11a)

Thank You for your Prayers!

Greetings!  We want to thank all of you who have been praying for my recovery from a recent heart attack earlier this month.  I am glad to report that I am doing much better and have been released by my cardioligst to resume my normal ministry schedule at this time.

This experience has without doubt been a sobering one.  After rushing to the hospital, straight to the ER, within minutes, 3 or 4 doctors were frantically working on me.  I over heard them talking about “saving”me.  I knew then it was quite serious.  As they rushed me down the hospital corridors to the Catheterization Lab to have a stent put in one of my arteries that was 100% blocked, I prayed for God to let me live.  After having the emergency angioplasty, my cardiologist said all went “perfect”, for which I am grateful.  I was also grateful that I was already in the ER at the hospital when the heart attack actually occured, which allowed a very rapid response by the doctors.  I am also grateful for the skilled and experienced hand of the doctor who said it couldn’t have gone any better.

So, again, thank you for your prayers.  We are trusting the Lord for a complete recovery and that upcoming tests will confirm that there was no permanent heart damage.

The Scripture promise I am declaring for myself is Psalm 27:14, “Be strong and be of a good courage and He will strengthen your heart.” So be it Lord Jesus!